Mallard Contracting currently employs 20+ personnel and we are committed to employing Aboriginal Tradespersons with trade qualifications, who have the capabilities to undertake services across a range of disciplines.

Our range of tradespersons are available in the following disciplines:

  • Project Managers                                    –      HSE personnel
  • Engineers                                                    –      Planners
  • Supervisors                                                 –      Plumbers
  • Carpenters                                                  –      Electricians                                                 
  • Trades Assistants                                     –      Administrative Support
  • Traffic Controllers

We aim to ensure continuity of our core team members and supervisors across Mallard Contracting’s projects, and services. 

By permanently employing our core maintenance teams and implementing a range of retention strategies and incentives, we have access to an integrated and trusted group of trade and administrative personnel.