Mallard Contracting focus on the value and lifespan of the client’s businesses by delivering long term solutions to all projects. Mallard’s capabilities range from providing highly skilled maintenance teams, to design and develop effective solutions and the execution of the works onsite.

Mallard Contracting provide complete lifestyle solutions to our clients, as we engage reputable engineering firms with which we have built up great relationships with to provide specialist help where required.

Mallard Contracting deliver significant advantages in the area of maintenance for our clients with  a high regard for the  following:

  • Safety procedures onsite – up to date health and safety management of the teams and tasks required onsite.
  • Routine cleans and checks on all plant and equipment used.
  • Sharing of best practice maintenance and project delivery developed over our 15 years of industry experience.
  • An impetus on improvement techniques and development of work ethic and standards onsite
  • A quality finish and a satisfied client base.